FV News: The first food theme park

November 15, 2017 - BOLOGNA, Italy

The first and largest agri-food park in the world, "FICO - Fabbrica Italiana COntadina" (Italian Farming Factory) by Eataly World, opened in Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Entirely based on high quality Mediterranean foodstuffs, FICO Eataly World includes 47 restaurants and bars, some 40 production areas making everything from gelato to candied fruit, 22 gardens and half a dozen stalls with cows, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. The site, covering 100,000 square meters (more than 1 million square feet) in a former wholesale fruit and vegetable market on the outskirts of Bologna.

First Versions: FICO Eataly World
First Versions: FICO Eataly World scheme
First Versions: FICO Eataly World view

Visitors can follow food production from field and stall right to their plates. They'll see grain growing in the fields, milled into flour, processed into pasta and served at the table. Workshops will show how to refine rice and hunt for truffles, along with cooking classes for making fresh pasta, sorbetto or pizza. In addition to all the food, drink, and spectacle, it houses six educational rides — called "carousels" — which chart the humans relationship with agriculture by theme: fire, earth, sea, animals, soil to bottle, and "the future of food".

First Versions: inside FICO Eataly World
First Versions: FICO Eataly World salads