Marlboro design
Marlboro design 1955
by Frank Gianninoto
Name: "Marlboro"

Category: Tobacco

Subcategory: Cigarettes

Inventor: Philip Morris

Producer: Philip Morris & Co., Ltd

Production start: 1924 - Richmond, Virginia, USA

First price: 20 cents 1 pack (20 cigarettes)

Philip Morris
Philip Morris
Whitechapel, 1835 -
London, 1873,
After his death, his
cigarettes became the
Marlboro brand
Overview: Marlboro is the largest selling brand of cigarettes in the world. The brand is named after Great Marlborough Street, the location of its original London Factory. Philip Morris Company, a London-based cigarette manufacturer, created a New York subsidiary in 1902 to sell several of its cigarette brands, including Marlboro. In 1924 Philip Morris launched the Marlboro brand as a woman's cigarette. In 1930 Marlboro cigarettes had a greaseproof ivory tip to prevent women's lipstick from smearing; in 1940 a red "Beauty Tip" to hide unsightly lipstick smudges. Marlboro becomes a cigarette brand for men in 1954. During the 1950s Reader's Digest magazine published a series of articles that linked smoking with lung cancer. Philip Morris, and the other cigarette companies took notice and each began to market filtered cigarettes. The new Marlboro with a filtered end was launched in 1955.

Slogan (1924): «Mild as May»

Property: Philip Morris USA Inc. - Altria Group Inc.

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Marlboro pack 1920s
The first version of Marlboro cigarettes (1920s)

Marlboro ad February 1926
Marlboro ad Dececmber 1926
Marlboro cigarettes 1926 advertisements (Top: Evening star newspaper, Washington, D.C., February 3 - Bottom: Photoplay magazine, December)

Marlboro ad 1927 - A
Marlboro ad 1927 - B
Marlboro ad 1927 - C
Marlboro cigarettes advertisements (1927, Mild as May)

Marlboro pack 1930
Marlboro cigarettes "Ivory Tipped" (1930)
Cigarettes had a greaseproof ivory tip to prevent women's lipstick from smearing.

Marlboro ad 1938
Marlboro cigarettes advertisement (1938, Ivory tips protect the lips)

Marlboro pack 1940
Marlboro cigarettes "Beauty Tip" (1940)
Cigarettes had a red "Beauty Tip" to hide unsightly lipstick smudges.

Marlboro ad 1941
Marlboro cigarettes advertisement (1941, A Beauty Tip)

Marlboro box 1955
Marlboro cigarettes "Flip-Top Box" (1955)
Re-introduced with a cork tip "selectrate" filter and in a Flip-Top Box.

Marlboro ad 1955 - Marlboro Man
The first "Marlboro Man" advertising campaign (1955 by Leo Burnett).
This brand's new mascot was used until 1999.

Marlboro cigarette 2015
Marlboro box 2015
Marlboro cigarettes in some advanced versions (2015)