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Name: "Scotch Cellulose Tape"

Category: Home - Office - School

Subcategory: Stationery

Inventor: Richard Gurley Drew

Producer: 3M Company (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Co., founded in 1902)

Production start: September 8, 1930 - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Richard G. Drew
Richard Gurley Drew
St. Paul, Jun. 22, 1899 -
St. Barbara, Dec. 14, 1980,
the inventor of
the Scotch Tape
Features: In 1923, Richard Gurley Drew working for 3M invented masking tape, a paper-based tape with a mildly sticky adhesive. In 1925 this became the Scotch brand masking tape. In 1930, Drew developed a transparent tape based on cellophane, called Scotch Tape.

Interesting facts: According to corporate legend, the brand name "Scotch tape" was coined when a prototype batch of Drew's tape received an adhesive coating only along its edges. This proved insufficient, prompting one irked painter to complain to his 3M sales rep about the company's "stingy Scotch bosses." Company executives seized upon the word "Scotch" because they hoped it would suggest that 3M tape was an economical product.

Property: 3M

Product website: http://www.scotchbrand.com

Scotch packaging 1930
Scotch Cellulose Tape packaging (1930)

Scotch dispenser
The first Scotch tape dispenser (1932). It's made from cast iron and weighs almost 7 pounds.

Scotch packaging late 1930s
Scotch Cellulose Tape packaging (late 1930s)

Scotch metal snail dispenser 1939
Scotch metal snail dispenser
Scotch "snail" handheld tape dispenser (1939). The first version was made from stamped sheet metal, a plastic model (below) was added one year later.
Scotch snail dispenser

Scotch tape Patent
Figure from Patent granted to Richard Gurley Drew (April 3, 1934)

Scotch advertising 1940
Scotch Cellulose Tape advertisement (1940)

Scotch advertising 1941
Scotch Cellulose Tape advertisement (1941)

Scotch advertising 1944
Scotch Cellulose Tape advertisement (1944)

Scotch advertising 1946
Scotch Cellulose Tape advertisement (1946)

Scotch Brand evolution
Scotch Brand through the years