First Google logo
Google logo 1997
by Sergey Brin (pre-launch version)
Project name: "BackRub" (1996)

Name: "Google" (1997)

Category: Internet

Subcategory: Search engines

Developers: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

Project developed since: March 1996

Domain registered on: September 15, 1997

Released: September 1998 - Stanford University, California, USA

Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Python

Features: The Google search engine has two important features that help it produce high precision results. First, it makes use of the link structure of the Web to calculate a quality ranking for each web page. This ranking is called PageRank. Second, Google utilizes link to improve search results.

Interesting facts: Initially, Google was nicknamed "BackRub" because the technology checks backlinks to determine a site's importance. The following name "Google" is a play on the word "googol", the mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. In September 1998, the same month that Google was incorporated, its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin set up office in Susan Wojcicki's garage in Menlo Park. Susan Wojcicki joined Google in 1999 as the company's first marketing manager. Google recently celebrates its birthday on 27 September, but the date has varied over the years.

Slogan (1997): «Search the web using Google!»

Property: Google Inc.


BackRub, the Google prototype (March 1996,

Google home page demo
Google home page demo (1997,

Google home page on Stanford's website
Google home page on Stanford's website (1997-98,

Google home page 1998
Google, first official home page (September 1998,

Older versions of Google logo
Google logo evolution 1997-98 by Sergey Brin (at the bottom in its official launch)

First Google Doodle 1998
The first Google "Doodle" (August 1998): a stick figure in the logo announcing to site visitors that the entire staff was playing hooky at the Burning Man Festival

Google garage
Google started in Susan Wojcicki's rented garage

Larry Page and Sergey Brin
The scientists and entrepreneurs who invented Google. Left: Lawrence "Larry" Page (East Lansing, March 26, 1973), right: Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin (Moscow, August 21, 1973).

Google 2013
Google in its advanced version (September 2015)

Google Doodle 25th Anniversary 2023
Google celebrates 25th anniversary (1998-2023) with a special Doodle that shows the evolution of the company's logos over the years