??"Auto Avio Costruzioni 815", first car ever produced by Ferrari
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
??"MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company", establishment
50th anniversary (1970-2020)
JANUARY 13"Mickey Mouse (comics)", first Mickey Mouse comic strip
90th anniversary (1930-2020)
FEBRUARY 10"Tom and Jerry (cartoon)", first short ever released
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
FEBRUARY 19"Adobe Photoshop", first version 1.0 release
30th anniversary (1990-2020)
MARCH 18"Frankenstein (film)", Mary Shelley's Frankenstein first movie
110th anniversary (1910-2020)
APRIL 26"Sherlock Holmes (film)", Conan Doyle's detective first movie
120th anniversary (1900-2020)
MAY 15"McDonald's", establishment and first opening
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
MAY 22"Pac-Man", arcade video game first release by Namco
40th anniversary (1980-2020)
JULY 16"Amazon", public release as "Earth's biggest bookstore"
25th anniversary (1995-2020)
SEPTEMBER 8"3M Scotch", release of the famous adhesive tape on the market
90th anniversary (1930-2020)
SEPTEMBER 30"The Flintstones (cartoon)", birth of the epic cartoon series
60th anniversary (1960-2020)
OCTOBER 2"Peanuts (comics)", origins of the Peanuts comic strips
70th anniversary (1950-2020)
DECEMBER"BIC (ballpoint pen)", the BIC Crystal pen enters our homes
70th anniversary (1950-2020)
DECEMBER 15"YouTube", birth of the most popular Video-sharing site
15th anniversary (2005-2020)