??"Colgate (toothpaste)", first jar of the famous toothpaste
150th anniversary (1873-2023)
??"Palmolive (soap)", first Palmolive branded soap on the market
125th anniversary (1898-2023)
??"Pepsi-Cola", release of the famous drink on the market
125th anniversary (1898-2023)
??"Harley-Davidson", first prototype produced by Harley-Davidson
120th anniversary (1903-2023)
??"Monopoly", invented in 1903 as The Landlord's Game
120th anniversary (1903-2023)
?? "Bialetti Moka Express", release of the iconic Italian coffee maker
90th anniversary (1933-2023)
?? "Lacoste (polo shirts)", release of the iconic French shirt
90th anniversary (1933-2023)
MARCH 1"Swatch", debut in Zurich of the iconic watches
40th anniversary (1983-2023)
MAY"Alice in Wonderland (film)", Lewis Carroll's Alice in the first movie
120th anniversary (1903-2023)
MAY 20"Levi Strauss & Co. (blue jeans)", from a patent to the world
150th anniversary (1873-2023)
JULY 6"Keep Yourself Alive", first single by Queen
50th anniversary (1973-2023)
JULY 12 "IKEA", establishment as a mail-order business
80th anniversary (1943-2023)
SEPTEMBER"Google", official release of the renowned web search engine
25th anniversary (1998-2023)
SEPTEMBER 28"BMW R32", first motorcycle ever produced by BMW
100th anniversary (1923-2023)
DECEMBER"Renault Type A", first car ever produced by Renault
125th anniversary (1898-2023)
DECEMBER 10"DOOM", release of the First-Person Shooter video game
30th anniversary (1993-2023)
DECEMBER 19"The Pink Panther (film)", Jacques Clouseau in the first movie
60th anniversary (1963-2023)
??"LEGO", birth of the innovative toy construction set
90th anniversary (1932-2022)
??"S.S. 1", first car ever produced by Jaguar
90th anniversary (1932-2022)
??"H&M Hennes & Mauritz", establishment
75th anniversary (1947-2022)
??"Kawasaki B8", first motorcycle ever produced by Kawasaki
60th anniversary (1962-2022)
??"Nike Moon Shoes", first shoes ever produced by Nike
50th anniversary (1972-2022)
OCTOBER 6"Everybody", first dance-pop single by Madonna
40th anniversary (1982-2022)
NOVEMBER"Honda A-Type", first motorcycle ever produced by Honda
75th anniversary (1947-2022)
??"Faber-Castell", establishment
260th anniversary (1761-2021)
??"Mercedes: 1st model ever", first car ever produced by Mercedes
120th anniversary (1901-2021)
??"Moto Guzzi: 1st model ever", first motorcycle by Moto Guzzi 100th anniversary (1921-2021)
??"Pampers (diapers)", first machine-made diapers by Pampers
60th anniversary (1961-2021)
JANUARY 15"Wikipedia", official release through "Nupedia"
20th anniversary (2001-2021)
JANUARY 18"Meccano", birth and patent as Mechanics Made Easy
120th anniversary (1901-2021)
MARCH"Ducati: 1st model ever", it all began with a "puppy"
75th anniversary (1946-2021)
APRIL 23"Piaggio Vespa", birth of the iconic Italian motorcycle
75th anniversary (1946-2021)
MAY 1"Amtrak", establishment and first train operated by Amtrak
50th anniversary (1971-2021)
MAY 5"Chanel N°5", birth of the iconic French perfume
100th anniversary (1921-2021)
JULY 9"Donkey Kong", the game that gave birth to (Super) Mario
40th anniversary (1981-2021)
AUGUST 12"IBM (Personal Computer)", first Pc ever produced by IBM
40th anniversary (1981-2021)
AUGUST 12"Microsoft MS-DOS", release of Microsoft Disk Operating System
40th anniversary (1981-2021)
AUGUST 12"Singer (sewing machine)", from a patent to the world
170th anniversary (1851-2021)
SEPTEMBER"Twitter", birth of a new social networking service
15th anniversary (2006-2021)
SEPTEMBER 18"The New York Times", first issue as New-York Daily Times
170th anniversary (1851-2021)
OCTOBER 25"Tomb Raider", origins of the Lara Croft saga
25th anniversary (1996-2021)
??"Auto Avio Costruzioni 815", first car ever produced by Ferrari
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
??"MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company", establishment
50th anniversary (1970-2020)
JANUARY 13"Mickey Mouse (comics)", first Mickey Mouse comic strip
90th anniversary (1930-2020)
FEBRUARY 10"Tom and Jerry (cartoon)", first short ever released
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
FEBRUARY 19"Adobe Photoshop", first version 1.0 release
30th anniversary (1990-2020)
MARCH 18"Frankenstein (film)", Mary Shelley's Frankenstein first movie
110th anniversary (1910-2020)
APRIL 26"Sherlock Holmes (film)", Conan Doyle's detective first movie
120th anniversary (1900-2020)
MAY 15"McDonald's", establishment and first opening
80th anniversary (1940-2020)
MAY 22"Pac-Man", arcade video game first release by Namco
40th anniversary (1980-2020)
JULY 16"Amazon", public release as "Earth's biggest bookstore"
25th anniversary (1995-2020)
SEPTEMBER 8"3M Scotch", release of the famous adhesive tape on the market
90th anniversary (1930-2020)
SEPTEMBER 30"The Flintstones (cartoon)", birth of the epic cartoon series
60th anniversary (1960-2020)
OCTOBER 2"Peanuts (comics)", origins of the Peanuts comic strips
70th anniversary (1950-2020)
DECEMBER"BIC (ballpoint pen)", the BIC Crystal pen enters our homes
70th anniversary (1950-2020)
DECEMBER 15"YouTube", birth of the most popular Video-sharing site
15th anniversary (2005-2020)