Kawasaki (motorcycles): 1st model ever

Kawasaki logo 1961
Kawasaki logo 1961
Name: "Kawasaki B8"

Category: Motorcycles

Subcategory: Standard street

Producer: Kawasaki-Meguro

Production start: 1962 - Japan

First price: 390 USD (1965 dealer cost)

Shozo Kawasaki
Shōzō Kawasaki
Kagoshima, Dec. 2, 1837 -
Japan, Dec. 2, 1912,
the industrialist who founded
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Features: Kawasaki B8 has the following specifications. Maximum speed: 62 mph. Fuel consumption: 168mile / USgal. Climbing Ability: 26 degreès. Engine: Single Cylinder, 2-stroke Air Cooled. Displacement: 123.5cc. Maximum Horsepower: 11hp / 6000rpm. Starting: Electric & Kick. Ignition System: Battery Coil Ignition. Transmission: Costant Mesh, Rotary Shift. Dry Weight: 256lb.

Interesting facts: Kawasaki B8, based on the Meihatsu B7, which used Kawasaki engines, was the first motorcycle to be completely manufactured by Kawasaki. Kawasaki Heavy Industries was founded by Shōzō Kawasaki on October 15, 1896; Kawasaki Aircraft Company division produced its first complete motorcycle - the B8 125cc two-stroke - in 1962, during the merger with Meguro Manufacturing Co. Ltd. In 1963 Kawasaki B8 took 1st to 6th places in 125cc class motocross race at Aonogahara, Japan.

Property: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Motorcycle & Engine

Producer website: http://www.kawasaki.com

Kawasaki B8 single seat
Kawasaki B8, the first motorcycle completely manufactured by Kawasaki (1962)

Kawasaki B8 left
Kawasaki B8 right
Kawasaki B8 front-back
Kawasaki B8 top
Kawasaki B8 engine
Kawasaki B8, dual seat version

Kawasaki brochure 1
Kawasaki brochure 2
Kawasaki brochure 3
Kawasaki brochure 4
Kawasaki B8, images from original brochures

Kawasaki B8 race 1963
Kawasaki B8 took 1st to 6th places in 125cc class motocross race at Aonogahara, Japan (1963)

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R, 2024
Kawasaki, an advanced model (Ninja ZX-6R, 2024)