Philips (electric razor)

Philips logo 1938
Philips logo 1938
Name: "Philips Philishave" Type 7730

Nickname: "Cigar"

Categories: Electronics, Beauty

Subcategory: Electric razors

Inventor: Alexandre "Sacha" Horowitz

Producer: Philips Company (founded by Gerard Philips and his father Frederik Philips on May 15, 1891, named "Norelco" in USA)

Production start: March 9, 1939 - Eindhoven, Netherlands

First price: 19.50 NLG

Alexandre Horowitz
Alexandre Horowitz
(Antwerp, Mar. 24, 1904 -
Switzerland, 1982),
the technical engineer
who invented the
Philips Philishave
Features: The first Philips Philishave - model 7730, which acquired the nickname "Cigar" - was of simple design. It had a Bakelite body, 3 bronze cutters which quickly became blunted and only shaved a small area of the face. These characteristics clearly reflect the properties of the first product phase. The first updated model 7736 "Philishave 6" in 1941 mainly improved on performance through adding 3 cutters, replacing the cutter material with steel, and adding an additional ring to tense the skin around the shaving head. Next model 7733 "Steelbeard" in 1946 has a larger shaving head. These improvements reduced both shaving time and skin irritation. The main production methods rely on early injection molding techniques.

Interesting facts: Philishave Type 7730 was developed by the technical engineer Alexandre Horowitz and the first product was manufactured on March 9, 1939. Only five days later, the first six products in the Philishave family were presented to the general public at a trade fair in Utrecht, Netherlands. By 1940, 12,000 shavers had been manufactured. In the following years Philips set up a dealer network and trained salesmen in selling electric shavers, which all added to the success of the 7733 "Staalbaard" (Steelbeard) Philishave. Philips used the Philishave brand name for their shavers from 1939 to 2006; from March 2006, all Philishave products will be rebranded with the Philips brand name.

Slogan (1939): «Met Philishave geen last van mes en zeep en kwast!» - "With Philishave not suffer from knife and soap and brush!"

Property: Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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Philishave Type 7730, 1939
Philishave Cigar, 1939
The first Philishave: Type 7730, nickname "Cigar", 3 bronze cutters (March 9, 1939)

Philishave 7730 patent
Philishave, images from patent granted to A. Horowitz (March 7, 1944 - filed May 31, 1939)

Philishave 7730, shaving trial demo in 1939
Philishave 7730, shaving trial demo at Spring Fair in Utrecht, Netherlands (March 1939)

Philishave advertising, 1939
Philishave folder, 1939
Philishave 7730, advertisement and folder (1939)

Philishave Type 7736, 1941
Philishave 6, 1941
The second Philishave: Type 7736, named "Philishave 6", six steel cutters, additional ring to tense the skin around the shaving head (1941)

Philishave Type 7733, 1946
Philishave Steelbeard, 1946
The third Philishave: Type 7733, named "Steelbeard", larger shaving head (1946)

Philishave 7733, mascot
Philishave Steelbeard mascot
Philishave 7733 mascot: Mr. Staalbaard (Steelbeard)

Philishave 7733 advertising 1946
Philishave 7733 advertising - A
Philishave 7733 advertising - B
Philishave 7733 advertising (1946)

Philips Museum
Philips celebrates 75 years as a leader in shaving and skincare with an exhibit in the new Philips Museum, Eindhoven (2014)