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Project name: "Waldo" (1987)

Name: "CorelDRAW!" (1989)

Categories: Electronics, Home - Office - School

Subcategory: Vector graphics editors

Developers: Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne

Producer: Corel Corporation (founded by Michael Cowpland in 1985)

First version: 1.0

Developed: Since 1987

Released: January 16, 1989 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Programming language: C++, C#

First price: 495 USD

Features: CorelDRAW! 1.0 package contains two 3.5" floppy disks (programs and samples in a disk, fonts in the other), a typescale (point) rule, a character and tapeface reference chart, a quick reference guide, a reference manual, and a video tutorial in VHS-tape. Minimum system requirements: PC IBM 286, 640K RAM, hard disk, DOS 3.0 or later, Microsoft Windows 2.0 or later, graphics card and monitor, mouse or graphic tablet. In its first versions, the CDR file format was a completely proprietary file format primarily used for vector graphic drawings and developed by Corel Corporation.

Interesting facts: In 1985 entrepreneur Michael Cowpland founded Corel (abbreviation of "Cowpland Research Laboratory") Corporation, a software house specialized in graphics processing. In september 1987 software engineers Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne start to develop a vector-based illustration program to bundle with their desktop publishing systems. CorelDRAW was inspired by user requirements from a product called Corel Headline, which was developed specifically for Corel Ventura Publisher. Originally code-named Waldo, for the robot arm that can mimic hand movements, CorelDRAW made its debut in 1989, becoming the first graphics software for Microsoft Windows. CorelDRAW introduced a full-color vector illustration and layout program - the first of its kind. Two years later, Corel introduced the first all-in-one graphics suite with version 3, which combined vector illustration, page layout, photo editing and much more in a single package.

Slogan (1989): «CorelDRAW! does it all»

Property: Corel Corporation

Source Code Download: CorelDRAW! 1.10d (Internet Archive)

Product website:

CorelDRAW 1987
Waldo: code-name, mascot and icon for the CorelDRAW! project (1987)

CorelDRAW 1.0 package
CorelDRAW! package (ver. 1.0, Jan. 1989)

CorelDRAW 1.0 work area
CorelDRAW! work area (ver. 1.0, Jan. 1989)

CorelDRAW advertising Feb 1989
CorelDRAW! advertisement (PC Magazine, Feb. 14, 1989)

CorelDRAW advertising May 1989
CorelDRAW! advertisement (PC Magazine, May 16, 1989)

CorelDRAW 1.1 work area
CorelDRAW! about pop-up on work area (ver. 1.1, July 1989)

CorelDRAW advertising September 1989
CorelDRAW! advertisement (PC Magazine, Sep. 12, 1989)

CorelDRAW 1.1 splash screen
CorelDRAW 1.1 package
CorelDRAW 1.1 contents
CorelDRAW! splash screen, package and contents (ver. 1.2, 1990)

CorelDRAW developers
CorelDRAW! developers: Michel Bouillon and Pat Beirne

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023
CorelDRAW in its advanced version: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2023