Winston design 1954
Winston design
Name: "Winston"

Category: Tobacco

Subcategory: Cigarettes

First producer: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (founded by Richard Joshua Reynolds in 1875)

Production start: 1954 - Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA

Overview: Winston cigarette was introduced in 1954 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, the same manufacturer that launched the well known Camel cigarettes in 1913, and quickly became one of the top selling cigarette brands. The brand was named after its productions region Winston–Salem, North Carolina, USA. Winston cigarettes were first introduced in the New England area in March; shortly thereafter they were offered in the New York metropolitan market and gradually the distribution was extended to the other parts of the country. The famous advertising slogan for this brand was "Winston tastes good - like a cigarette should!": it was a long lasting slogan that showed up in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV advertisements for Winston cigarettes from the brand's launch in 1954 until 1972.

Slogan (1954): «Winston tastes good - like a cigarette should!»

Property: R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company - ITG Brands LLC - Japan Tobacco Inc.

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Winston packaging 1954
Winston pack 1954
Winston cigarettes, first packaging (1954)

Winston advertisement 1954 - couple - A
Winston advertisement 1954 - couple - B
Winston cigarettes advertisements (1954)

Winston advertisement 1955 - couple - A
Winston advertisement 1955 - couple - B
Winston advertisement 1955 - couple - C
Winston cigarettes advertisements (1955)

Winston advertisement 1957 - comic strip - A
Winston advertisement 1957 - comic strip - B
Winston advertisement 1957 - comic strip - C
Winston cigarettes comic strips advertising (1957)

Winston cigarettes, animated and live action commercials (1954 to 1957)

Winston cigarette Anniversary editions
Winston cigarettes Anniversary editions. Left: 40 years, USA 1994. Center: 50 years, Romania 2004. Right: 60 years, Belarus 2014.