The Times

The Times first issue's header
The Times, first issue header: The Daily Universal Register (January 1, 1785)

--- "The Daily Universal Register" (January 1, 1785)
--- "The Times" (since January 1, 1788)

Category: Newspapers

Founder: John Walter

First issue: January 1, 1785 - London, UK

First editor: John Walter

First format: Broadsheet

First price: Two-pence halfpenny

Overview: The Times was founded by publisher John Walter on January 1, 1785 as The Daily Universal Register, with Walter in the role of editor. John Walter bought the logography's patent and, in order to use it, he decided to open a printing house, where he would daily produce an advertising sheet. In 1788, John Walter decided to change the title to "The Times" (January 1) and the style of his newspaper. Walter now started to produce a newspaper that appealed to a larger audience. This included stories of the latest scandals and gossip about famous people in London. One of these stories about the Prince of Wales resulted in Walter being fined £50 and sentenced to two years in Newgate Prison. The founder's son, John Walter II, took over the newspaper in 1803. He expanded it from 4 pages to 12 large pages, and, by the time control of the paper passed to his son, John Walter III, in 1848, the foundations of The Times's reputation as Britain's preeminent national journal and daily historical record had been laid. The Times is the originator of the widely used Times Roman typeface, originally developed by Stanley Morison of The Times in collaboration with the Monotype Corporation for its legibility in low-tech printing.

Property: News UK

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The Daily Universal Register, first issue - zoom
The Daily Universal Register, first issue
The Times, first issue: The Daily Universal Register (January 1, 1785)

The Times, header in 1787
The Times, header of The Daily Universal Register in 1787 (August 29)

The Times logo 1788
The Times, first issue - zoom
The Times, first issue
The Times, first issue with its distinctive name (January 1, 1788)

The Times, header December 1788
The Times, header in late 1788 (December 4)

John Walter and son
John Walter (London, 1739 - November 17, 1812), publisher and founder of The Times newspaper, and his son of the same name (London, February 23, 1776 - July 28, 1847), second editor 1803 - 1812.

The Times, Sep. 19, 2014
The Times in its advanced version (September 19, 2014 - voters in Scotland rejected independence in a historic referendum that threatened to break apart the United Kingdom)